Bill C-51 & The Push for a Global Police State: Are You The Enemy?

Bill C-51 would give Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) the ability to disrupt terror plots, make it easier to limit the movements of a suspect, expand no-fly list powers, crack down on terrorist propaganda, take down websites that contain terrorist propaganda, and remove barriers to sharing security-related information.

This all sounds great on the surface until you actually read the bill you realize it is written with extremely vague and broad terms. Specifically, in the bill the definition of a terrorist includes anyone who interferes with the “critical infrastructure,” “territorial integrity,” or “economic and financial stability of Canada.” (How does this apply to political activist and how we are labelled.)

I will provide a short video created by a Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa. that goes into more detail about the specifics of the bill and how the Bill will impact justice Canada. Also I will post an open letter supported by over 100 academics, which urges our government to reject the bill. So check out that information if you want to learn more about Bill C-51.

But for the purposes of this video I want to go over a few points about the Bill that I believe are important for us to understand.

Open letter to government to reject Bill C-51:

It appears you don’t have a PDF plugin for this browser. No biggie… you can click here to download the PDF file. 

Bill C-51 (Antiterrorism Act 2015): Short Primer on Key Aspects from Craig Forcese on Vimeo.

“According to Foreign Affairs, Canada has already given $317-million in humanitarian, development and security assistance in response to the Syria crisis.”

Canada has given more than $5.3-million to the Syrian opposition to set up pirate radio, train bloggers and document war crimes by the Syrian government.

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